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Mar 28, 2017

EPISODE 37- An Evening with the Son of Roger Sharpe! Josh Joins us from the Pinball Capital of the World, Chicago, IL! Josh is my goto for questions for everything pinball, my friend, and one of the best guys I know!




AMOA Show- What it was, how it went, cool things you saw


RAW THRILLS- What would you say you do here? 


Stern Army- What is this?


Nationals- How did things end up?


Super Leagues- How does someone do this?


Leagues- Everything Pinball Leagues


Tournaments - How to run a tournament


Mar 16, 2017

Join TJ and I as we talk about AMOA, weird things in Texas, & an interview with PayRange CEO Paresh Patel! 

Mar 5, 2017

Episode 35

Biggest week yet?

  • Trip Reports
  • Numbers
  • 1.MET Pro 17%
  • 2.GOT Pro 14%
  • 3.FG 13%
  • 4.GB Pro 10%
  • 5.ST Pro 8%
  • 6.TWD 8%
  • 7.SP 8%
  • 8.MM 6%
  • 9.Bounty 5%
  • 10.EBD 4%
  • 11.Mousin’ 4%
  • 12.Elvira 4%
  • Super League Games last month were MET, GOT, FamilyGuy, Mousin, & Bounty Hunter
  • PayRange blukey smarts installed on all our games. 
  • Promos- FEB we game away 312 FREE GAMES!
  • Newsletters- What we do
  • Charging station 
  • Aerosmith launch party - March 18
  • Advertising heavily returns are best week ever! Last month we spent $283.94 reaching 15,085 people. The last 7 days we spent $111.30. 
  • Survivors Tournament results
  • Super League
  • Leagues Update
  • Repairs- Flipper Buttons!  
  • New ideas
  • AMOA in a week! Come see me at the PayRange booth! Contact me at!
Feb 16, 2017

Episode 34- 2 Weeks in a Row! 

Welcome back to another episode of Pinball Talk Radio!

Updates- Tony- I spent a lot of time working on our next promotion. Bonus Pricing! Created all new banners for all our games as seen on our cover art, Helped TJ create custom photos with BONUS PRICING ENABLED artwork for the games PayRange Photo. 

Examples: $1 Game

  • 1 Game .89
  • 2 Games $1.75
  • 4 Games $3.00
  • 8 Games $5.50

Started Promotion earlier this week and already seen improvements. When you go from the .89 per transactions and start seeing $5.50, things really start to add up! 

.25 off next 4 games PayRange Promotion is going on. Made custom artwork for that as well.

Created a couple new ADs advertising FIRST GAME FREE!, Created new Survivors Pinball Art, New PayRange Promotional Artwork for Bonus Pricing, and Promoted the March 4th Tournament day. We have seen success from advertising on Facebook and really see the value!

Leagues are tomorrow and 3 more have signed up this week. Looking forward to playing some pinball!  


1. Ghostbusters- 19%

2. Metallica- 16%

3. Family Guy- 10%

4. Star Trek Pro- 9%

5. South Park- 9%

6. Game of Thrones- 9%

7. Walking Dead- 8%

8. Bounty Hunter- 5%

9. Mousin Around- 5%

10. Hook- 4%

11. Elvira- 2%

12. Madness- 1%

13. Eight Ball Deluxe- 1%

Super League Games- Game of Thrones, Metallica, Family Guy, Bounty Hunter, & Mousin Around!

Service Calls- Balls Stuck on MM and Mousin around! 

Had to order a couple more locks and 5 more Keys. As soon as i ordered, I found my spares. Go figure!

Charging Station update: DEAD!

AMOA- Are you going to be at the Trade Show in March? I WANNA MEET YOU! Send me an email so we can meet up! 

Thanks for tuning into another episode! If you wanna see the artwork created, checkout or follow us on Facebook! 

We will be back in 2 weeks. Corndog is heading to Vegas! Wanna meet up with Corndog? Email him and make it happen!


Feb 12, 2017

Episode 33- Not Live from the Theater!

Updates: first things first. You fell asleep on the last show. Care to explain???


ESP Updates- We had dinner back in December for everyone who has helped East Side thrive another year. It was Chris & his family, Andrew and his Girlfriend, Dan our League Director, John Jundt our Tournament Director and his family, and myself. 

Lineup Changes- Wizard of Oz went down the yellow brick road in December. We sold Hook recently and has been removed and will be replaced by Aerosmith what thats released at some point this year. 

Numbers- Since we are a few weeks overdue for our regularly scheduled programing, here is a breakdown of 2016!

How was it earned?
60% was Cash/Quarters
40% was PayRange

Winter Leagues- We have a brand new season that kicked off Thursday run by our League Director Dan Dolney. Tons of new faces! We added a $300 bounty for 1st place to peak interest. Definitely heard leagues are down across the country in some way or another. We hit up social media heavily during January and early February to maintain. 

Service Calls…
17 service calls in a single week. Unable to drive at night in December the games suffered my daily ADD with maintaining them. Notable calls-

Walking Dead- Zombie literally fell off

Game of Thrones- Flipper Rebuild

Elvira- Flipper Rebuild

Star Trek- Broke plastic under ship and rebuilt upper flipper.

Eight Ball Deluxe- Pop Bumper came loose fell onto power board blew everything up

Metallica- Drop target issues

South Park- Blew up transistors, diode, Arcade Kris came up to help get her back up and running. I may or may not have not had one of the molex connectors plugged in all the way or out of sequence. I don't really wanna talk about it. 

AMOA this March!
PayRange is sponsoring my trip to Texas! I am SO EXCITED to be heading to the show. email if you are attending! I would love to meet up with you! I will be in booth 1037!

PinPortal- Adrian and are going to actually finish Portal in the next 30 days! We want to get this out for others to use and enjoy! We are beginning our nightly operation next week!

Arcade Kris- I have talked with Arcade Kris on most Fridays believe it or not. Last I heard it was still a little cold out the fair! :-)

Angry Andy- still hates pinball but does an amazing job keeping up the games. 

Corndog Invention? Rumor has it Chris has been trying to make the stick out of catchup and mustard? My god those are liquids not solids! 


Oct 29, 2016


This episode was originally recorded during the fair but we had audio issues and we didn't want to annoy all of you. 











Medieval Madness 5%

Eight Ball Deluxe 5%




Ghostbusters 12%

South Park 11%

Metallica Pro 11%

Game of Thrones 10%

Walking Dead Pro 9%

Eight Ball Deluxe 9%

Family Guy 8%

MM 7%

Wizard of Oz 6%

Star Trek Pro 6%


Mousin Around 4%

Elvira 3%

Bounty Hunter 2% 


Minnesota State Fair

Fair numbers 

Worked/ didn't work



Road trip 

Best game we played 

Best moment 

Dialed in



Pinball life party and parts parts parts 

Aug 20, 2016

Episode 31- Live from the Minnesota State Fair Arcade, Home of Pinball On-A- Stick! 

It's late, we are tired and waiting for Angry Andy to bring us Mexican food! 


Joining me is Corndog and Arcade Kris!


Corndog and I enjoyed our summer! 

Tony- working nonstop, 


Arcade Kris-


Fair starts on less than a week and lots of work underway! 


Pinball On-A- Stick Lineup

Hercules hopefully 


Theater of Magic 



Game of thrones 

Walking Dead

Metallica LED

Family Guy 





Like us on Facebook, tell us your pick for top 3 games and last place game now until September 4th, 2016.

1st Place- 2016 TEE

2nd Place- 2015 TEE

3rd Place 2014 TEE


Angry Andy and I are moving ESP games on Monday. Anyone wanna have some fun and help? Hahaha


Lineup changes at East Side Pinball will be refused. We will have Mousin Around, Elvira, and Bounty Hunter joining Star Trek, Eight Ball, South Park, MM, and Hook. Everything will be ..45 on PayRange


State Fair updates

What's coming and what's going for 2016


What are we working on 


Hanging stuffed animals 

Collection Software Trials 


Meetup this year is August 30 from 6P-10P Come out and hangout with us!


Jun 11, 2016

Episode 30- Corndogs, Pinball on-a- Stick Meeting, Angry Andy, and special guest TJ Beyer!

Welcome back to episode 30 of the Coinbox Podcast! Still cant believe people actually listen to us! We literally talk about sometimes Corndogs :-)

Quick Breakdowns Corndog, Angry Andy, & Tony

Hows Game Cleaning? Hows such pinball have you played since you started working with us? You do get free plays!
Game Percentages- Below
TJ BeyerInterview-

1. How long have you been in the industry?
2. How many locations do you operate today?
3. Leagues, Tournaments, Selfie Leagues?
4. Have you seen an increase in Pinball play over the last few years? 5. Do you play yourself?
6. Whats your worst service call?
7. What game do regret selling?
8. How has PayRange impacted your business?
9. Do you utilize social media?
10. How many service calls a week do you typically deal with?
11. Do you have any GRINDS MY GEARS?


State Fair Meeting Pinball On-a- Stick was today We have new promotions for the 2016 Designs, Lineup will be announced in the coming weeks, Multiple ways for even our listeners to win our new shirt!

August 29th this year from 6PM-10PM we will be live at the fair for a meet up, eat some food, play some pinball, talk pinball. If you are hanging around or in the area come out and see us!

Had only 4 service calls this week.
Last Saturday was our tournament weekend. We had a damn good turnout for an absolutely beautiful summer day in Minnesota! Noon was our May Super League Playoffs followed by our June Survivors Tournament that Luke took home the win!

Super League Games for June: Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, Metallica, Walking Dead Pro, Family Guy. in the 7 days since we started June we already have 16 participants. Ghostbusters Random Draw:
Keith Bittner won $100 from our Ghostbusters random drawing! We are thinking about paying him.

PayRange- Last week we had 34 unique players compared to 37 players the week before.

Jun 2, 2016

Episode 29- East Side Pinball Talks business with Tommy Skinner of This Flippin


Welcome back to Episode 29! Thank you so much for listening to Corndog and I ramble on the air for hours and hours!

Tonight Tommy Skinner joins us! A friend, fellow podcaster, IFPA rep, Operator, large tournament director. Tommy wears a lot of hats, will dig into several of them!


Corndog- New car!
Tony- Flowers need water! Lots of water! Tommy-

Breakdowns- East Side Pinball


Breakdowns- Legendary Pinball Judge Dredd
Tag Team


Tommy Skinner-
New Tournament Details

Legendary Pinball Podcasting

Promotions- Memorial Weekend (Friday-Monday) just last week East Side Pinball set another

record for the most games played not only on holiday but EVER in our history operating!

Setup- We advertise on Facebook spending an average of $400 monthly and Google AD Words with a monthly budget of $267 and Instagram with a monthly spend of around $167.

Promotion- Games are 2 Plays $1 #PLAYMOREPAYLESS Event!
All games are 2 plays just $1 on PayRange. EBD/HOOK are 2 plays .50 and we had the best ever weekend and holiday ever!

Facebook- We reached over 3000 Likes on Facebook. Our weekly reach now is over 20,000!

Instagram is something we are also moving into. Our new June Promotion is 2 free games every week distributed through Instagram!

New Shirts Newsletter Read

Follow us on Facebook! We are gonna try to do a live show and would love to have people tune in and ask questions for us! Details coming soon!


May 27, 2016

Welcome back to another episode of the Coinbox Pinball Podcast! Visit our website for our recap of the game percentages! 


Yes, I got a little lazy on the podcast show notes this week as we were talking more personal problems :-) 

Have a Wonderful Memorial Weekend!


May 14, 2016

Episode 27- New Games, Hobby Operating Checklist, Corndogs!



Whats new? 

Tony- Got myself a lawnmower! all grown up now! Electric! Pinball on a stick meeting underway! 

Corn Dog- Has a bad back! 


Lineup Changes- 

Kiss and Elvis have left the building! Ghostbusters and Metallica LED are in the house! 



Ghostbusters Launch Party Success! D&G was amazing! My friend John put on a top notch show! I also spent the weekend with Jared from Stern Pinball! 


Super League Games

•Ghostbusters Pro

•Star Trek Pro

•South Park

•Eight Ball Deluxe



Ghostbusters $100!


April 30th-May 10th, 2016

East Side Pinball 

  2. STAR TREK PRO 10%
  4. Medieval Madness 8%
  5. SOUTH PARK 8%
  7. WIZARD OF OZ 6%
  8. FAMILY GUY 5%
  10. HOOK 4%
  11. Eight Ball Deluxe 4%


West Side Pinball

  1. WALKING DEAD PRO             67%
  2. PIRATES                                  33%


NEW OPERATORS CHECKLIST! This is for you Tommy!

CoinMechs- These are your friends but a nightmare because of the jams and such. 

We use The IMONEX® V9 Series on our games and this has practically eliminated jams. Well worth the extra money!


Bill Acceptors- A must have for every game that can accommodate! Look on eBay for these and check Pinside as well. We get all of ours from our friends at the Pinball Warehouse. MARS are the best but others are fine as well. Some of the stackers you may have to shave the corners on older 90s games but you can make it work without having to purchase a different stacker.


PayRange- You all know how we feel about it! It wont happen overnight but by running specials and advertising on the machines and through your social media network will greatly increase revenue! Price your PayRange pricing 10% less than cash. It sounds crazy right? WRONG! Customers will spend more money using PayRange because its too easy! They have to have a balance and a minimum funded account of $5 that defaults to $10. You will make more money even with fees! If it isn’t work for you or your not seeing higher numbers its because you’re not utilizing it correctly! 


Pricing- Pricing is difficult! You will never get a group of Pinheads to agree! I fought with myself for years on pricing but I will say its easier to lower the pricing than to raise it! Many will argue that your not in it for the money but at the end of the day, it has to be a factor! You can’t spend money on insurance, licensing fees, splits, and parts just to have a location! Make sure you are covering yourself!


Coinbox- Seems like a no-brainer but it gets old really quick having to fetch quarters from the bottom of the cabinet! 


Locks- Get quality locks from 7/8 CAM LOCKS from COBRA or where we are buying locks from Baton Lock Company in CA. They are solid! 


Lockdown Bars- You may think you’ll never need them and so did we and a few weeks ago we got broken into! We are using no drill bars with Baton Locks all keyed to one lock making life much easier! 


DON’T USE LOCKS FROM A PINBALL SUPPLIER! They are all keyed alike and easily picked or for $4 you could easily just order one and have a key! 


We spent $900 for 12 padlocks and 15 CAMs. from Baton and you may think this is a large amount to spend but we lost more than that to s group of scumbags that stole from us! 


Log- Keep a log of game repairs big or small. This will help you a ton when you are trying to figure out why you are spending so much time at location! :-) 


Cleaning- Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it! Pinball has a bad reputation for not working and dirty. If you’re a hobby operator, take care of them like you do at home and spend the time to do it right! 

We clean games every other day MON-WED-FRI and often more as needed. We use NOVUS 2 on the PlayFields and or CP100. Get some non streaking glass cleaner and don’t forget to clean both sides! We use ZEP 40 Cold Weather Formula and we use microfiber rags. Green for Novus, Blue for Glass Cleaner, and Yellow for CP-100. 


Tournaments- Don’t be afraid to run a tournament!. Partner with a passionate local who will help you! There are wonderful people that will help you! We have some of the greatest people that are willing to help run tournaments! They are great to generate additional income but most importantly, It helps bring new players to your location! You could run a half off special for the tournament, free pizza, or even put into the prize fund! 


Leagues- This was one of the biggest things we did! Our leagues have grown and grown and its not only excellent for your CoinBox, its awesome for the location! Start a league and run it fair for all players, not just the top players or the casual players. Find out who the players are and make sure its working for them! We have made a lot of changes because we have a lot of casual players that are more interested in just having a beer and playing some pinball! 


Games- choosing games is never easy! We personally obviously lean heavily on the newest titles and themes. Our customers that walk in the arcade are mostly casual players not pinball players. We also have learned the newer the game the less trouble you will have! :-) One other thing we have learned is when buying a new game, get it ready before you drop it off! Take the time to go through the boards, connectors, replace rubber, balls, clean it really well and of course play test it! Leave it on for a few days straight and make sure it doesn’t develop problems. Nothing is worse than bringing a new game up, telling everyone, and having your phone ring nonstop from trouble! 


HOW IT WORKS- This is what we do! Its not how everyone does it!

Building up a location from the hobby side means more time to do things right! don’t put a game on location if your intention is to immediately make money by sitting at home and not doing anything! Be active with your customers, listen to them, and most importantly understand and fix things quickly! 


How do we do it? Not alone! East Side Pinball started very small and we grew! To this day I have not taken a single penny out of the business, We do expense our trip to Chicago EXPO and the rest in reinvested. Create a Facebook page, website, and advertise! We use Facebook and Google ADs to generate interest! We have Angry Andy now on payroll cleaning games, Corn Dog does our technical service, and parts! Rubbers, balls, broken plastics, LEDs, motors and whatever else decides to break! The rest funds new games, advertising, promotions, and tournament prizes, pizza, league banquets and whatever else comes up! 


Are we successful? Depends on who you ask!  We grew our collection level and number of games! I still haven’t paid myself back entirely because we are constantly investing our earnings to improve our business! Our latest expansion efforts to the West Side are being funded by East Side Pinball. We plan to continue growing locations at the rate we can without putting more of my personal finances into it. We spend hundreds of dollars monthly for parts, hundreds on labor, more on Software management. 


Would we do it again? I can’t honestly think of something I love more! Its a ton of work, long hours, and stress but I love it! I have met some of the greatest people! Pinball is a passion! Maybe its the lights, maybe its the history, the artwork, or maybe we are crazy! At the end of the day, its who I am! My passion is pinball, and I hope it shows in my machines! 


thanks for listening! Tune in next week for an interview with CEO of PayRange!

Apr 18, 2016

Episode 26- West Side Pinball, Medieval Madness, PayRange Giveaway!

Welcome back to episode 26


MM 24%

GOT 17%

TWD 12%

WOZ 10%


FG 8%

EBD 6%

ST 6%

SP 4%

Hook 2%



Super League- MM, TWD, WOZ, KISS, FG

Super League does effect game percentages


Medieval Madness 

added to the line up! Original MM plays awesome, has some wear on the PlayField but its a route game thats clean, LEDd and had new ramps! 11 games at Sun Ray Lanes!


West Side Pinball- Outtakes Bar & Grill in New Hope, MN 

Current Lineup



StarWars in the shop for overhaul

No numbers, games were placed on location this week.

Why the new name and new logo?

Future plans at WSP! T2, maybe LOTR or even POPEYE.

We have MegaTouch, Crane Game, and all pinballs on PayRange


Popeye in the house

Lots of work needed


Start of Summer Leagues began last week!

Awesome turnout for the Summer League. Customers are loving the 4 drop weeks!

Tony at 29 Points 

Corndog at 28

Adam Turgeson currently at 1st Place with 42 Points!


Service Calls 4/1/2016-4/16/2016

FG- Backlight Bulb Burnt Out, Replaced broken right flipper button

KISS- Balls Stuck in Genes Head

WOZ- Balls stuck in ball lock, current broken flipper button

Hook- PayRange pulse was failing due to broken wire

GOT- Replaced both Sling Rubbers, Right EOS stop snapped

ST- Game loosing track of balls. Replaced all the OPTOS

ELVIS- Upper right flipper not working. Works perfect when not slapping game buttons

Hook- Right ball save eject wire lead broke at coil

EBD- Upper flipper leaf switch blade broke

WOZ- Ball lock malfunction

TWD- Shaker Motor became loose

GOT- Bill acceptor stopped working0 filled up so they shut off. GRRRRR

Changer- Ran out of quarters- notified location

KISS Pro- Adjusted level of game

TWD Light out on Barn Walker


Cleaning Schedule-

Games were Cleaned 8 times during this period 


Arcade Kris and I will be working out at the Arcade this weekend! 


GhostBusters Launch Party

East Side Pinball is working with D&G at Morts to loan them GB’s for the April 30th Launch Party. HUGE EVENT! 


Jarred from Pinside & the Marketing Manager of Stern Pinball 

is flying into the Twin Cities on April 29th, Corndog and I are picking him. Really excited to show him around and show him what the Twin Cities has to offer!


PinballMaps update-

Operators now get alerts to game state changes of your locations. Really nice feature!


PayRange Giveaway! 

First 5 people to post a picture of any pinball on location will win $5 of FREE PLAY sponsored by PayRange!


Apr 6, 2016

Episode 25


Welcome back joining me tonight is Arcade Kris! 


East Side Pinball- update 

-Easter 2 for 1 promo

-Corn dog update on the road


We come to from Iowa at the Quality inn with a fun filled episode. We are down at the Adventure Park Arcade & Pinball auction Saturday.  


How's it going kris, what's new? What's new at the fair for 2016? Are we ready for it?

Arcade Auction adventure 

What are we buying 

How many games are we selling

Auction tips and tricks 

Uber in Iowa 

Show Questions 

Scotty- why does arcade Kris only do one fair a year.

John- how long does it take to setup for the fair and do you have parties there with friends on free play


Mar 25, 2016

Episode 24 We use the tech!

Welcome back; Episode 24! 


  1. Game of Thrones 33%
  2. Walking Dead 14%
  3. Wizard of Oz 12%
  4. Star Trek Pro 8%
  5. KISS Pro 8%
  6. South Park 8%
  7. Family Guy 6%
  8. ELVIS 4%
  9. HOOK 4%
  10. Eight Ball Deluxe 3%


Pasted Graphic.tiff


PayRange Promotion Update

We got the codes and will be sending them out to the winners tonight! Be sure to let us know what games you enjoyed with them!


PayRange Updates- 

Scheduled Pricing allows you to create a Happy Hour Special daily, weekly, weekends, whatever it is you desire! This is great to schedule a weekend special or like us with a Lunch special when we are slow. We will be implementing this feature as soon as I have some time to get that together and promote it. 

New Contact information- If you are looking to get PayRange and have Questions please email us at and we will get you in touch with Kim! 


Collection/Service Call Software- 

We use RouteBoost from MSM Elements. They feature a mobile application that connects to a bluetooth printer for wireless collection statements, collection history, tracks game earnings, tons of reports, and most importantly, Service Call management. Whenever we get a call or email, I log it so Chris and I can track it, order parts if needed, and resolve. Doing this also keeps track of how much time we spend on a particular game. Dan Dolney, our League Director also logs issues from league night or before tournaments so Chris and I can resolve. 



Quick discussion on the difference and why we LED everything!


Social Media-

  • We currently use FaceBook, our Website, and Instagram to communicate with our customers. We have 2700 likes on Facebook on the East Side Pinball @Sun Ray Lanes page. Seems crazy for just 10 pinball machines! 
  • You need to be active on social media. I try to add a picture every Thursday during league and often run promotions. 
  • Newsletter- We also have a newsletter that we just started. Users signup on our website and receive a newsletter once a month and every so often with Coupon Codes from PayRange, Lineup changes, and upcoming events. We call it Inside the Machine!
  • Pinside- We also use Pinside but mostly to post about an upcoming league or new game. We also occasionally receive feedback from there as well. 


Show Feedback- 

  • Jim writes in wanting to know about the new PayRange BlueKey Smart and if there is any benefit over the regular original BlueKey
  • Mike wants to know how often we replace glass in the machines on location
  • John wants an update on SharpShooter and whats the best Corndog stick to use?
  • Parnell sends us a new vise grip! It maybe the most amazing tool yet!
Mar 17, 2016

Quick interview with my friend Robbie Lawrence who is the General Manager of Sun Ray Lanes where East Side Pinball is. 

Mar 13, 2016

Episode 22- An Evening with John Jundt- ESP's Tournament Director

Welcome back to episode 22. An evening with John Jundt Tournament Director at East Side Pinball! 

Corndog is out sampling corn for his corndog business and different hotdog sticks.


  1. Game of Thrones- 26%
  2. Walking Dead Pro- 12%
  3. Family Guy- 11%
  4. Star Trek Pro- 11%
  5. Wizard of Oz- 9%
  6. South Park- 8%
  7. ELVIS- 7%
  8. KISS Pro- 6%
  9. HOOK- 6%
  10. Eight Ball Deluxe- 5%


Wizard of Oz Update

GhostBusters- ORDERED PRO

Super League Update

East Side Pinball Survivors Monthly Tournament

Spring Leagues begin April 7th. 12 week league 4 drop weeks

State Championship- 

Pinball Map

Color DMD


Mar 5, 2016

Episode 21

Welcome back to the Coinbox Pinball Podcast! Its been way too long! 

We wanted to start off by thanking everyone for all the kind words and understanding! 2016 didn’t start off with the bang we expected. 

I have HS. HS is a chronic skin cell disease that i have been living with for most of my adult life. For those of you who don’t know they are infections under the skin that can be extremely painful with size. I had one on my tailbone in late January and two weeks later another on my side that had to be operated. I really appreciate all the kind words, PMs and emails. I have some amazing friends who kept East Side Pinball flipping without a beat!  Our League Director Dan Dolney, our Tournament Directors John Jundt, Ben Granger, and Dan Dolney all have been wonderful and honestly East Side Pinball wouldn’t be East Side Pinball without them!

The last month I have been moving. I have a lot of shit! so many UHAUL trucks and so many Game Plan Games! :-)

Moving also means Angry Andy has moved to his own place leaving just Mac and myself on the West Side of Minneapolis. About 50 minutes from where I resided previously. My commute to Best Buy Corp is only 18 minutes and its AMAZING! My commute to East Side Pinball is around 24 minutes. 

LOTS of IKEA runs and CornDog and I have REALLY enjoyed the Theater in the basement!


  1. Game of Thrones 29%
  2. Walking Dead 16%
  3. Family Guy 11%
  4. South Park 11%
  5. KISS PRO 9%
  6. Star Trek 8%
  7. Eight Ball Deluxe 6%
  8. Elvis 5%
  9. HOOK 5%
  10. Wizard of OZ* (Down for several weeks with board issues)

Wizard of Oz- We have been having trouble with WOZ for a few weeks now. The Power Supply Board fried when it wad powered up one morning. I worked with Frank at JJP Support and Lloyd and a replacement was sent.

Installed the replacement and the CPU board won’t boot. Tried several times to jumper pins 6 and 8 but no luck! I will continue working with them Monday to get it resolved and back up. 

League Update- We have had the most successful league turnout of our history. We have new players continuing to join us and its been a fantastic time! 

Keep your league welcome for beginners! Your most important players are the new ones! Remove the positional payouts, make it cheap to play, give back by providing some type of end of season party with food and or a FREE PLAY event! 

State Tournament-
We held our first ever IFPA State Championship and it went off pretty we’ll. Never mind the flipper button that broke and my nightmare of having to drive home to get them, leaving my keys to my tool box behind only to drive home again! Ok the tournament went well, it was a nightmare for me! ha!

Survivors Tournament- 2016 we kicked off a new monthly tournament and the 2nd one is tomorrow March 5th. Its a great way to generate additional funds by hosting monthly tournaments. Players practice, and enjoy a few beers :-) 

Twin Cities Super League- We have a Super League that we kicked off last month for the rest of the year. Each month we have our tournament and we pay out $25 for each division. every 4 players is a division. We have 4 divisions scheduled for tomorrow. 

PayRange Promotion- Not gonna lie, I dropped the ball. I have communicated with PayRange this week but was unable to obtain the coupon codes before we recorded. I will have them very soon and I will contact the winners through Facebook next week. Mike has left PayRange and I have been building relationships with replacement Mike. David is a fantastic guy and we are chatting a lot more. 

PayRange Updates- 

PayRange now has an operator panel in there APP. Its not bad for the first go around. I prefer the mobile version of the website to get live data but i find myself checking it just as often. :-)

Promotional Pricing. You can now have multi pricing. 1 Game =$.89 or 3 Games for $2 whatever you’d like! 

Show Feedback-

James writes in wanting to know what our cleaning schedule looks like and how much we spend of parts a month;

Andy wants to know how many games we have ran through East Side Pinball and how we haul them. 


Dec 30, 2015

Welcome to Episode 20!

This episode is sponsored by PayRange! Visit for information on how you can get PayRange installed on your machines! PayRange is the number one mobile payments solution!


We have a website! has our show notes, game percentages Hows that SharpShooter coming along Chris? We have a website and one missing key element of the new website is the roger sharpe Sharp Shooter glory page. Kinda like a glory hole from Gold Rush.


  1. Game of Thrones- 21%
  2. Family Guy- 18%
  3. Kiss 17%
  4. Walking Dead 14%
  5. Wizard of Oz- 14%
  6. Elvis 9%
  7. Star Trek 9% 
  8. South Park 7%
  9. Eight Ball Deluxe 6%
  10. Hook 6%


We have a super awesome promotion we are doing with PayRange! 5 FREE GAMES to everyone who downloads PayRange and takes a picture or snapshot of your phone showing you using PayRange on your favorite game or location! 

1. Download PayRange from the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store

2. Open PayRange and do a screen shot or take a picture of you using PayRange. (On IOS, hold the Home Button and press the Power Button)

Example Picture:

PayRange Example Photo

3. Like our Facebook page (

4. Upload your picture to our Facebook Page and tell us your favorite game! 

We will work with PayRange to get your coupon codes to you via Facebook in the coming weeks. 



As you all know, we have worked very closely with PayRange and have built some of the best relationships with them over the past year! They are so dedicated to helping you succeed! They provide Advertising materials for your coin doors, lockdown bars, and even toppers and table tents! Visit to get in touch with Mike Maloney to get more information or reach out to us here at the show!


Pricing Updates 

about a month ago we introduced a new pricing structure at East Side Pinball! 

Cash Pricing on our games is $1 for any DMD games and .50 for Hook and Eight Ball Deluxe. 

PayRange Pricing on our games is .89 for any DMD games and .45 for Hook and Eight Ball Deluxe.

This new structure now allows us to run weekly specials that we will be doing during the week without the double dipping that would occur when the games default pricing structure was in place. 


New League Starts January 14th, 2016!

We launched our second Winter League at East Side Pinball and we are extremely excited about all the changes we have made to better the experience for all our players! Well most of our players! :-)

8 Week Session

2 Drop Weeks 

$20 for the season

Pick your own games to play, NO WAITING FOR ANOTHER GROUP TO FINISH!

Grouped by Skill


Banquet and Pinball Party week 9


The changes we made are you pick any of the games we have in the lineup, no waiting and we are no longer paying out position rounds. The same 4 people always win the money that the other 18 players are putting in and we feel that lowering the costs and stress by eliminating the positional payouts is the best thing for Pinball here. A special thanks to Josh Sharpe for his help in designing the new league! 



Adrien and I are extremely excited to announce we will be launching PinPortal to the public in January! Keep an eye out for information on our podcast here for details as we launch! PinPortal will be FREE for almost all functions and a donation by the league admins to unlock additional functions. More on this to come! We are defiantly not looking to become rich, in fact, all the proceeds will be going back into Portal so we can launch Tournaments later this year. The donations also goto support the hosting and our servers that run Portal. 


Pinside Topics


Spook Show International Rob Zombie pin announced! What do you think?


Game of Thrones LEs arriving in homes


Stern Rumors, Whats next?


Political Themed Pin? HELL NO!


Stern Released 1.56 of the TWD


Stern Released 1.18 of the GOT


Level 257 Monthly Pinball Super League- Starts January 2016! Mr Sharpe has a new tournament league kicking off on January 5th.–-starts-january-2016


Star Wars Awakens 



Nov 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Listeners! Enjoy our Thanksgiving Special with a special interview featuring Todd Tuckey! 

Selling A Game

Other Pinball Podcasts


Listener Feedback!

Thanks for listening!

Nov 21, 2015

Episode 18- Where have you been?

Welcome back! Thanks for tuning in friendly listeners! We are back in the hot seat and boy do we have some updates!

Corndog Convention update- somewhere out east

Lineup changes

WWE is out replaced by Game of Thrones

FishTales has left for Outtakes and replaced by Elvis HUO

Police Force is out replaced by Family Guy HUO


  1. Game of Thrones 23%
  2. Wizard of Oz 17%
  3. Family Guy 12%
  4. KISS 11%
  5. Walking Dead 11% 
  6. Star Trek 7%
  7. Elvis 7%
  8. Eight Ball Deluxe 5%
  9. South Park 4%
  10. Hook 3%


Charity Recap- A Great event! It was so great to see people like Charlie from Spooky Pinball and Jack from Jersey Jack Pinball taking the time to come up and support Alivia. We saw Lloyd as well. 

Grinds my Gears

Mother of the year award this year goes to letting a child literally stomp on pinball glass because she likes to. 

League Changes

We are working on moving to a Casual and Advanced Leagues this winter.

PayRange- New toppers, lockdown bar stickers 

Pinside Thread- Operating Pins Remotely 

I swear some people don’t want a damn thing to ever change. It needs to change! WIFI is not a unsafe method in fact, Every other piece of equipment we operate has complete control. 


We use Cobra Locks on all our arcade/amusement games. We have a single key for each location making things much easier. We originally had different keys for each game and it quickly became a nightmare. 

WE use TF1078-7 7/8” Locks with 1 1/2” CAM

PinPortal AD Screen-

We added a new feature to Portal recently that allows a dedicated monitor to be used for advertising when league is out of play. We have ads for the location specials, food, drinks, and of course Pinball updates! Pretty awesome and its running on a INTEL HDMI Stick computer. 

3 Years of operating- 

We did a .50 all weekend special and was extremely successful. 

Game of Thrones Talk- How do you like that game?

Its super easy to clean!

Fair Update: We got the banners down! Its getting damn cold out there! Arcade Kris is working on a heater so we can continue working on games there.

Arcade Auction

Arcade Kris and I are heading to an Arcade Auction next weekend after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to checking that out! (IA)

Corndog fun facts

Pronto Pup or Corndogs?

As Always, thanks for listening! We will get to show feedback next time! After our Todd Tuckey Interview!


Oct 22, 2015



Episode 17


Welcome back! Corn dog is out. He found a corn dog convention and is off doing that. Super weird but whatever!


We are joined tonight by Arcade Kris and Jesse! 



  1. Wizard of oz- 27%
  2. Kiss- 19%
  3. Hook- 17%
  4. Star Trek- 12%
  5. Eight Ball Deluxe- 10%
  6. South Park- 6%
  7. WrestleMania- 4%
  8. FishTales- 3%
  9. PoliceForce- 2%


Trail of Terror-

What we have there


The Bull


Jesse story


Auction tips with Tony




Jerry from jersey asked "does ArcadeKris have another job or does he just do the fair?


David from CA asks if games ever breakdown during the fair time and what do you do?


Kyle from Australia asks if we would continue doing the fair longer if it's possible? 


We got several questions about the arcade at the fair and why we don't do more things there instead of just 12 days. 


Keep your equations coming. Send them to 


Corn dog and I will be back this weekend for episode 17 and some tool questions answered. How's my hammer Kris?


Sep 19, 2015

If you have anything that we can auction off or if you can donate, any amount helps! Please reach out to Bryan Kelly on Pinside



Welcome to Episode 16


Welcome back to episode 16! Thank you all so much for listening! 


State Fair Round up



Arcade Kris Interview

Whats next at the fair- Remove signage, banners, and begin to Prepare for winter. 

Move back to Sun Ray


New arrangement at Sun Ray

Games out and new Game of Thrones Ordered.

Lineup changes

WOZ repairs


Leagues under way!

Strong start! 

Where were you Chris week 1?


Tournament This Weekend

Twin Cities Circuit Finals Saturday


PayRange is now on all the pins at East Side Pinball. PayRange was out at the fair and it was awesome to meet them. Both John and Mike were awesome guys. On a conference call with Mike last week, they are receiving production amusement devices within 3 weeks. If you're interested in PayRange, please email us at for more information and we will get you in touch with Mike!



Congratulations to Blake on his big day today!


Aug 29, 2015

Pinball on-a- Stick Special Episode!


Welcome to Episode 15!


The long haul to Wednesday!


Sunday we moved 8 machines from location to the State Fair. We cleaned, replaced rubber, adjusted, leveled, Arcade Kris and I spent over an hour planning the lineup position of each game. When they got there, nothing added up! Musical chairs


Wednesday’s hospital visit followed by the JDRF Fundraiser! What an event! People were so generous and kind to our cause! We raised $620 and 100% of that money raised was given to the foundation! 


We had a few issues with machines that were adjusted and one hard down on WrestleMania. The drop target coil locked on and the node board went. We are working with Stern on a replacement board to get us back up to 100%! We apologize for the inconvenience! 


Special thanks to Arcade Kris for giving us the space to use during a very hectic last day before the fair, Bryan Kelly for manning the door and collecting, some would event say harassing Ryan for selling our shirts.


Day 1 summary 


Day 2 summary


PAYRANGE really stepped up their promotions with us! Dave has given all our customers 5 FREE GAMES of pinball to anyone that enters a coupon code! No credit card needed! We have seen GREAT TRACTION with this so far and cant wait to see how it goes next week! Coupon Code: 22711360



Thanks for listening!


Aug 25, 2015

A late night evening with our friend Tommy Skinner This Flippin Podcast! You can chechout his new Podcast here:


Be sure to listen in for our show at the fair!




Aug 15, 2015

Episode 13

Welcome back and thanks for tuning in! Its great to be back on this HOT humid friday evening! 


  • Wizard of Oz- 26%
  • Kiss- 16%
  • The Walking Dead- 14%
  • Star Trek- 9%
  • WrestleMania- 9% 
  • Mustang- 7%
  • Eight Ball Deluxe- 7%
  • South Park- 6%
  • Fish Tales- 4%
  • Tee’d Off- 2%


Lost my keys! Stupid stupid stupid!

I “gots” a crane game! A little off topic 


Minnesota State Fair- Pinball on-a- Stick

Its been a busy busy few weeks. I have been out at the fair almost every day the past few weeks. Its been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Hanging out wirth Kris and learning from his experience is really awesome! 


Its a lot of work to get an arcade up and running before the big event! We have 12 days to get everything ready! 


Hercules is looking amazing! I have seen several of these over the years and it looks sooooo good! We have the PlayField back together, new coin door, all the legs, rails, and cab have been repainted. Comet duel LEDs throughout the entire game and spot lights make this game look amazing! We have new sheet of PlayField lexsan ordered as well.


The right tool for the job! NeedleNose Vise Grips to the rescue!  


Tonight was the hottest, no wind, humid day of the summer and tonight was the night we hung all the banners around the arcade. It was awful! 


Hey Chris, how’d it go getting into the Fairgrounds with the police? Epic prank!


Hows East Side Pinball doing? I haven’t cleaned the games in 6 days and it makes me sick! 


Upcoming week projects:

ReLED and Rubber South Park

Rubber Star Trek

Rubber The Walking Dead





Thanks so much for tunning in with us! Have a GREAT WEEK FLIPPERS! Remember, Drop a quarter and FLIP OUT!

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