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Aug 29, 2015

Pinball on-a- Stick Special Episode!


Welcome to Episode 15!


The long haul to Wednesday!


Sunday we moved 8 machines from location to the State Fair. We cleaned, replaced rubber, adjusted, leveled, Arcade Kris and I spent over an hour planning the lineup position of each game. When they got there, nothing added up! Musical chairs


Wednesday’s hospital visit followed by the JDRF Fundraiser! What an event! People were so generous and kind to our cause! We raised $620 and 100% of that money raised was given to the foundation! 


We had a few issues with machines that were adjusted and one hard down on WrestleMania. The drop target coil locked on and the node board went. We are working with Stern on a replacement board to get us back up to 100%! We apologize for the inconvenience! 


Special thanks to Arcade Kris for giving us the space to use during a very hectic last day before the fair, Bryan Kelly for manning the door and collecting, some would event say harassing Ryan for selling our shirts.


Day 1 summary 


Day 2 summary


PAYRANGE really stepped up their promotions with us! Dave has given all our customers 5 FREE GAMES of pinball to anyone that enters a coupon code! No credit card needed! We have seen GREAT TRACTION with this so far and cant wait to see how it goes next week! Coupon Code: 22711360



Thanks for listening!


Aug 25, 2015

A late night evening with our friend Tommy Skinner This Flippin Podcast! You can chechout his new Podcast here:


Be sure to listen in for our show at the fair!




Aug 15, 2015

Episode 13

Welcome back and thanks for tuning in! Its great to be back on this HOT humid friday evening! 


  • Wizard of Oz- 26%
  • Kiss- 16%
  • The Walking Dead- 14%
  • Star Trek- 9%
  • WrestleMania- 9% 
  • Mustang- 7%
  • Eight Ball Deluxe- 7%
  • South Park- 6%
  • Fish Tales- 4%
  • Tee’d Off- 2%


Lost my keys! Stupid stupid stupid!

I “gots” a crane game! A little off topic 


Minnesota State Fair- Pinball on-a- Stick

Its been a busy busy few weeks. I have been out at the fair almost every day the past few weeks. Its been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Hanging out wirth Kris and learning from his experience is really awesome! 


Its a lot of work to get an arcade up and running before the big event! We have 12 days to get everything ready! 


Hercules is looking amazing! I have seen several of these over the years and it looks sooooo good! We have the PlayField back together, new coin door, all the legs, rails, and cab have been repainted. Comet duel LEDs throughout the entire game and spot lights make this game look amazing! We have new sheet of PlayField lexsan ordered as well.


The right tool for the job! NeedleNose Vise Grips to the rescue!  


Tonight was the hottest, no wind, humid day of the summer and tonight was the night we hung all the banners around the arcade. It was awful! 


Hey Chris, how’d it go getting into the Fairgrounds with the police? Epic prank!


Hows East Side Pinball doing? I haven’t cleaned the games in 6 days and it makes me sick! 


Upcoming week projects:

ReLED and Rubber South Park

Rubber Star Trek

Rubber The Walking Dead





Thanks so much for tunning in with us! Have a GREAT WEEK FLIPPERS! Remember, Drop a quarter and FLIP OUT!

Aug 1, 2015

Episode 12

Welcome to Episode 12! Thanks for listening! Our worst ever podcast! Sorry our audio is just gone to shit! 


  • Wizard of Oz-28% Incredible!
  • The Walking Dead 13%
  • Kiss 13%
  • South Park 9%
  • Mustang 9%
  • Star Trek 9%
  • Eight Ball Deluxe 8%
  • WrestleMania 7%
  • Tee’d Off   4%

Woz has arrived! and its taking names!  initial thoughts, adjustments, settings


PayRange- We are testing a new mobile payment system and its incredible. Coupons, weekly specials, increased revenue. How it works, how users signup experience. 


If you are interested in PayRange, you can visit them on their website at They are taking pre orders and are planning on an early Q4 deployment into production. 



Star Trek Orbit Finally replaced after almost 3 months. Got the part and it was the wrong assembly. Thanks to my Vise Grips got that coil out and swapped!



Free Ballin’ Tournament Not happy about the name of this. Didn't know what that was until literally everyone laughed and told me. haha. This tournament is bringing in players and its been incredible the first 5 days running.