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Mar 25, 2016

Episode 24 We use the tech!

Welcome back; Episode 24! 


  1. Game of Thrones 33%
  2. Walking Dead 14%
  3. Wizard of Oz 12%
  4. Star Trek Pro 8%
  5. KISS Pro 8%
  6. South Park 8%
  7. Family Guy 6%
  8. ELVIS 4%
  9. HOOK 4%
  10. Eight Ball Deluxe 3%


Pasted Graphic.tiff


PayRange Promotion Update

We got the codes and will be sending them out to the winners tonight! Be sure to let us know what games you enjoyed with them!


PayRange Updates- 

Scheduled Pricing allows you to create a Happy Hour Special daily, weekly, weekends, whatever it is you desire! This is great to schedule a weekend special or like us with a Lunch special when we are slow. We will be implementing this feature as soon as I have some time to get that together and promote it. 

New Contact information- If you are looking to get PayRange and have Questions please email us at and we will get you in touch with Kim! 


Collection/Service Call Software- 

We use RouteBoost from MSM Elements. They feature a mobile application that connects to a bluetooth printer for wireless collection statements, collection history, tracks game earnings, tons of reports, and most importantly, Service Call management. Whenever we get a call or email, I log it so Chris and I can track it, order parts if needed, and resolve. Doing this also keeps track of how much time we spend on a particular game. Dan Dolney, our League Director also logs issues from league night or before tournaments so Chris and I can resolve. 



Quick discussion on the difference and why we LED everything!


Social Media-

  • We currently use FaceBook, our Website, and Instagram to communicate with our customers. We have 2700 likes on Facebook on the East Side Pinball @Sun Ray Lanes page. Seems crazy for just 10 pinball machines! 
  • You need to be active on social media. I try to add a picture every Thursday during league and often run promotions. 
  • Newsletter- We also have a newsletter that we just started. Users signup on our website and receive a newsletter once a month and every so often with Coupon Codes from PayRange, Lineup changes, and upcoming events. We call it Inside the Machine!
  • Pinside- We also use Pinside but mostly to post about an upcoming league or new game. We also occasionally receive feedback from there as well. 


Show Feedback- 

  • Jim writes in wanting to know about the new PayRange BlueKey Smart and if there is any benefit over the regular original BlueKey
  • Mike wants to know how often we replace glass in the machines on location
  • John wants an update on SharpShooter and whats the best Corndog stick to use?
  • Parnell sends us a new vise grip! It maybe the most amazing tool yet!
Mar 17, 2016

Quick interview with my friend Robbie Lawrence who is the General Manager of Sun Ray Lanes where East Side Pinball is. 

Mar 13, 2016

Episode 22- An Evening with John Jundt- ESP's Tournament Director

Welcome back to episode 22. An evening with John Jundt Tournament Director at East Side Pinball! 

Corndog is out sampling corn for his corndog business and different hotdog sticks.


  1. Game of Thrones- 26%
  2. Walking Dead Pro- 12%
  3. Family Guy- 11%
  4. Star Trek Pro- 11%
  5. Wizard of Oz- 9%
  6. South Park- 8%
  7. ELVIS- 7%
  8. KISS Pro- 6%
  9. HOOK- 6%
  10. Eight Ball Deluxe- 5%


Wizard of Oz Update

GhostBusters- ORDERED PRO

Super League Update

East Side Pinball Survivors Monthly Tournament

Spring Leagues begin April 7th. 12 week league 4 drop weeks

State Championship- 

Pinball Map

Color DMD


Mar 5, 2016

Episode 21

Welcome back to the Coinbox Pinball Podcast! Its been way too long! 

We wanted to start off by thanking everyone for all the kind words and understanding! 2016 didn’t start off with the bang we expected. 

I have HS. HS is a chronic skin cell disease that i have been living with for most of my adult life. For those of you who don’t know they are infections under the skin that can be extremely painful with size. I had one on my tailbone in late January and two weeks later another on my side that had to be operated. I really appreciate all the kind words, PMs and emails. I have some amazing friends who kept East Side Pinball flipping without a beat!  Our League Director Dan Dolney, our Tournament Directors John Jundt, Ben Granger, and Dan Dolney all have been wonderful and honestly East Side Pinball wouldn’t be East Side Pinball without them!

The last month I have been moving. I have a lot of shit! so many UHAUL trucks and so many Game Plan Games! :-)

Moving also means Angry Andy has moved to his own place leaving just Mac and myself on the West Side of Minneapolis. About 50 minutes from where I resided previously. My commute to Best Buy Corp is only 18 minutes and its AMAZING! My commute to East Side Pinball is around 24 minutes. 

LOTS of IKEA runs and CornDog and I have REALLY enjoyed the Theater in the basement!


  1. Game of Thrones 29%
  2. Walking Dead 16%
  3. Family Guy 11%
  4. South Park 11%
  5. KISS PRO 9%
  6. Star Trek 8%
  7. Eight Ball Deluxe 6%
  8. Elvis 5%
  9. HOOK 5%
  10. Wizard of OZ* (Down for several weeks with board issues)

Wizard of Oz- We have been having trouble with WOZ for a few weeks now. The Power Supply Board fried when it wad powered up one morning. I worked with Frank at JJP Support and Lloyd and a replacement was sent.

Installed the replacement and the CPU board won’t boot. Tried several times to jumper pins 6 and 8 but no luck! I will continue working with them Monday to get it resolved and back up. 

League Update- We have had the most successful league turnout of our history. We have new players continuing to join us and its been a fantastic time! 

Keep your league welcome for beginners! Your most important players are the new ones! Remove the positional payouts, make it cheap to play, give back by providing some type of end of season party with food and or a FREE PLAY event! 

State Tournament-
We held our first ever IFPA State Championship and it went off pretty we’ll. Never mind the flipper button that broke and my nightmare of having to drive home to get them, leaving my keys to my tool box behind only to drive home again! Ok the tournament went well, it was a nightmare for me! ha!

Survivors Tournament- 2016 we kicked off a new monthly tournament and the 2nd one is tomorrow March 5th. Its a great way to generate additional funds by hosting monthly tournaments. Players practice, and enjoy a few beers :-) 

Twin Cities Super League- We have a Super League that we kicked off last month for the rest of the year. Each month we have our tournament and we pay out $25 for each division. every 4 players is a division. We have 4 divisions scheduled for tomorrow. 

PayRange Promotion- Not gonna lie, I dropped the ball. I have communicated with PayRange this week but was unable to obtain the coupon codes before we recorded. I will have them very soon and I will contact the winners through Facebook next week. Mike has left PayRange and I have been building relationships with replacement Mike. David is a fantastic guy and we are chatting a lot more. 

PayRange Updates- 

PayRange now has an operator panel in there APP. Its not bad for the first go around. I prefer the mobile version of the website to get live data but i find myself checking it just as often. :-)

Promotional Pricing. You can now have multi pricing. 1 Game =$.89 or 3 Games for $2 whatever you’d like! 

Show Feedback-

James writes in wanting to know what our cleaning schedule looks like and how much we spend of parts a month;

Andy wants to know how many games we have ran through East Side Pinball and how we haul them.