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Feb 16, 2017

Episode 34- 2 Weeks in a Row! 

Welcome back to another episode of Pinball Talk Radio!

Updates- Tony- I spent a lot of time working on our next promotion. Bonus Pricing! Created all new banners for all our games as seen on our cover art, Helped TJ create custom photos with BONUS PRICING ENABLED artwork for the games PayRange Photo. 

Examples: $1 Game

  • 1 Game .89
  • 2 Games $1.75
  • 4 Games $3.00
  • 8 Games $5.50

Started Promotion earlier this week and already seen improvements. When you go from the .89 per transactions and start seeing $5.50, things really start to add up! 

.25 off next 4 games PayRange Promotion is going on. Made custom artwork for that as well.

Created a couple new ADs advertising FIRST GAME FREE!, Created new Survivors Pinball Art, New PayRange Promotional Artwork for Bonus Pricing, and Promoted the March 4th Tournament day. We have seen success from advertising on Facebook and really see the value!

Leagues are tomorrow and 3 more have signed up this week. Looking forward to playing some pinball!  


1. Ghostbusters- 19%

2. Metallica- 16%

3. Family Guy- 10%

4. Star Trek Pro- 9%

5. South Park- 9%

6. Game of Thrones- 9%

7. Walking Dead- 8%

8. Bounty Hunter- 5%

9. Mousin Around- 5%

10. Hook- 4%

11. Elvira- 2%

12. Madness- 1%

13. Eight Ball Deluxe- 1%

Super League Games- Game of Thrones, Metallica, Family Guy, Bounty Hunter, & Mousin Around!

Service Calls- Balls Stuck on MM and Mousin around! 

Had to order a couple more locks and 5 more Keys. As soon as i ordered, I found my spares. Go figure!

Charging Station update: DEAD!

AMOA- Are you going to be at the Trade Show in March? I WANNA MEET YOU! Send me an email so we can meet up! 

Thanks for tuning into another episode! If you wanna see the artwork created, checkout or follow us on Facebook! 

We will be back in 2 weeks. Corndog is heading to Vegas! Wanna meet up with Corndog? Email him and make it happen!


Feb 12, 2017

Episode 33- Not Live from the Theater!

Updates: first things first. You fell asleep on the last show. Care to explain???


ESP Updates- We had dinner back in December for everyone who has helped East Side thrive another year. It was Chris & his family, Andrew and his Girlfriend, Dan our League Director, John Jundt our Tournament Director and his family, and myself. 

Lineup Changes- Wizard of Oz went down the yellow brick road in December. We sold Hook recently and has been removed and will be replaced by Aerosmith what thats released at some point this year. 

Numbers- Since we are a few weeks overdue for our regularly scheduled programing, here is a breakdown of 2016!

How was it earned?
60% was Cash/Quarters
40% was PayRange

Winter Leagues- We have a brand new season that kicked off Thursday run by our League Director Dan Dolney. Tons of new faces! We added a $300 bounty for 1st place to peak interest. Definitely heard leagues are down across the country in some way or another. We hit up social media heavily during January and early February to maintain. 

Service Calls…
17 service calls in a single week. Unable to drive at night in December the games suffered my daily ADD with maintaining them. Notable calls-

Walking Dead- Zombie literally fell off

Game of Thrones- Flipper Rebuild

Elvira- Flipper Rebuild

Star Trek- Broke plastic under ship and rebuilt upper flipper.

Eight Ball Deluxe- Pop Bumper came loose fell onto power board blew everything up

Metallica- Drop target issues

South Park- Blew up transistors, diode, Arcade Kris came up to help get her back up and running. I may or may not have not had one of the molex connectors plugged in all the way or out of sequence. I don't really wanna talk about it. 

AMOA this March!
PayRange is sponsoring my trip to Texas! I am SO EXCITED to be heading to the show. email if you are attending! I would love to meet up with you! I will be in booth 1037!

PinPortal- Adrian and are going to actually finish Portal in the next 30 days! We want to get this out for others to use and enjoy! We are beginning our nightly operation next week!

Arcade Kris- I have talked with Arcade Kris on most Fridays believe it or not. Last I heard it was still a little cold out the fair! :-)

Angry Andy- still hates pinball but does an amazing job keeping up the games. 

Corndog Invention? Rumor has it Chris has been trying to make the stick out of catchup and mustard? My god those are liquids not solids!