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Jun 11, 2016

Episode 30- Corndogs, Pinball on-a- Stick Meeting, Angry Andy, and special guest TJ Beyer!

Welcome back to episode 30 of the Coinbox Podcast! Still cant believe people actually listen to us! We literally talk about sometimes Corndogs :-)

Quick Breakdowns Corndog, Angry Andy, & Tony

Hows Game Cleaning? Hows such pinball have you played since you started working with us? You do get free plays!
Game Percentages- Below
TJ BeyerInterview-

1. How long have you been in the industry?
2. How many locations do you operate today?
3. Leagues, Tournaments, Selfie Leagues?
4. Have you seen an increase in Pinball play over the last few years? 5. Do you play yourself?
6. Whats your worst service call?
7. What game do regret selling?
8. How has PayRange impacted your business?
9. Do you utilize social media?
10. How many service calls a week do you typically deal with?
11. Do you have any GRINDS MY GEARS?


State Fair Meeting Pinball On-a- Stick was today We have new promotions for the 2016 Designs, Lineup will be announced in the coming weeks, Multiple ways for even our listeners to win our new shirt!

August 29th this year from 6PM-10PM we will be live at the fair for a meet up, eat some food, play some pinball, talk pinball. If you are hanging around or in the area come out and see us!

Had only 4 service calls this week.
Last Saturday was our tournament weekend. We had a damn good turnout for an absolutely beautiful summer day in Minnesota! Noon was our May Super League Playoffs followed by our June Survivors Tournament that Luke took home the win!

Super League Games for June: Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, Metallica, Walking Dead Pro, Family Guy. in the 7 days since we started June we already have 16 participants. Ghostbusters Random Draw:
Keith Bittner won $100 from our Ghostbusters random drawing! We are thinking about paying him.

PayRange- Last week we had 34 unique players compared to 37 players the week before.

Aug 1, 2015

Episode 12

Welcome to Episode 12! Thanks for listening! Our worst ever podcast! Sorry our audio is just gone to shit! 


  • Wizard of Oz-28% Incredible!
  • The Walking Dead 13%
  • Kiss 13%
  • South Park 9%
  • Mustang 9%
  • Star Trek 9%
  • Eight Ball Deluxe 8%
  • WrestleMania 7%
  • Tee’d Off   4%

Woz has arrived! and its taking names!  initial thoughts, adjustments, settings


PayRange- We are testing a new mobile payment system and its incredible. Coupons, weekly specials, increased revenue. How it works, how users signup experience. 


If you are interested in PayRange, you can visit them on their website at They are taking pre orders and are planning on an early Q4 deployment into production. 



Star Trek Orbit Finally replaced after almost 3 months. Got the part and it was the wrong assembly. Thanks to my Vise Grips got that coil out and swapped!



Free Ballin’ Tournament Not happy about the name of this. Didn't know what that was until literally everyone laughed and told me. haha. This tournament is bringing in players and its been incredible the first 5 days running.


Apr 11, 2015
Welcome back!
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! We are new at podcasting and already failed to thank our listeners and all the email we received already! 
MGC this weekend! 
April 10-11 2015
•Independence Day driver board, alien Optos, auto launch issues
•Hook ramp
•Phantom of the Opera
Sharpshooter update?
Cue ball wizard LED upgrade this weekend
Stalker Cam setup and cameras used
Dropcam Pros with 30 days could service. Wireless cellular unlimited data to upload the feed. 
How do we count quarters and bills?
How do we track sales and audits 
How do we set our machines up. Replays free games?
Listener feedback
Wrap up