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Dec 30, 2015

Welcome to Episode 20!

This episode is sponsored by PayRange! Visit for information on how you can get PayRange installed on your machines! PayRange is the number one mobile payments solution!


We have a website! has our show notes, game percentages Hows that SharpShooter coming along Chris? We have a website and one missing key element of the new website is the roger sharpe Sharp Shooter glory page. Kinda like a glory hole from Gold Rush.


  1. Game of Thrones- 21%
  2. Family Guy- 18%
  3. Kiss 17%
  4. Walking Dead 14%
  5. Wizard of Oz- 14%
  6. Elvis 9%
  7. Star Trek 9% 
  8. South Park 7%
  9. Eight Ball Deluxe 6%
  10. Hook 6%


We have a super awesome promotion we are doing with PayRange! 5 FREE GAMES to everyone who downloads PayRange and takes a picture or snapshot of your phone showing you using PayRange on your favorite game or location! 

1. Download PayRange from the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store

2. Open PayRange and do a screen shot or take a picture of you using PayRange. (On IOS, hold the Home Button and press the Power Button)

Example Picture:

PayRange Example Photo

3. Like our Facebook page (

4. Upload your picture to our Facebook Page and tell us your favorite game! 

We will work with PayRange to get your coupon codes to you via Facebook in the coming weeks. 



As you all know, we have worked very closely with PayRange and have built some of the best relationships with them over the past year! They are so dedicated to helping you succeed! They provide Advertising materials for your coin doors, lockdown bars, and even toppers and table tents! Visit to get in touch with Mike Maloney to get more information or reach out to us here at the show!


Pricing Updates 

about a month ago we introduced a new pricing structure at East Side Pinball! 

Cash Pricing on our games is $1 for any DMD games and .50 for Hook and Eight Ball Deluxe. 

PayRange Pricing on our games is .89 for any DMD games and .45 for Hook and Eight Ball Deluxe.

This new structure now allows us to run weekly specials that we will be doing during the week without the double dipping that would occur when the games default pricing structure was in place. 


New League Starts January 14th, 2016!

We launched our second Winter League at East Side Pinball and we are extremely excited about all the changes we have made to better the experience for all our players! Well most of our players! :-)

8 Week Session

2 Drop Weeks 

$20 for the season

Pick your own games to play, NO WAITING FOR ANOTHER GROUP TO FINISH!

Grouped by Skill


Banquet and Pinball Party week 9


The changes we made are you pick any of the games we have in the lineup, no waiting and we are no longer paying out position rounds. The same 4 people always win the money that the other 18 players are putting in and we feel that lowering the costs and stress by eliminating the positional payouts is the best thing for Pinball here. A special thanks to Josh Sharpe for his help in designing the new league! 



Adrien and I are extremely excited to announce we will be launching PinPortal to the public in January! Keep an eye out for information on our podcast here for details as we launch! PinPortal will be FREE for almost all functions and a donation by the league admins to unlock additional functions. More on this to come! We are defiantly not looking to become rich, in fact, all the proceeds will be going back into Portal so we can launch Tournaments later this year. The donations also goto support the hosting and our servers that run Portal. 


Pinside Topics


Spook Show International Rob Zombie pin announced! What do you think?


Game of Thrones LEs arriving in homes


Stern Rumors, Whats next?


Political Themed Pin? HELL NO!


Stern Released 1.56 of the TWD


Stern Released 1.18 of the GOT


Level 257 Monthly Pinball Super League- Starts January 2016! Mr Sharpe has a new tournament league kicking off on January 5th.–-starts-january-2016


Star Wars Awakens